I’ve spent the last 18 years as a mother bear to 6 amazing children. I love being a mom. I also know in my heart I am meant to do more. 

I went on a journey. A journey that brought me back to myself.

It brought me to my mission to support women who are struggling with their worth. To help them reconnect and reclaim who they truly are and their power. So they may Rebirth themselves and a new vision for their life. 

I am proof it's possible. 



From an early age, from birth I had to learn how to adapt. I was born deaf in one ear and born with a souls mission to help others shed any identities, beliefs and roadblocks that may be holding them back. I have learned their is power in letting go. In letting go and allowing your own transformation to change your life. I have done this over and over again in my life. I have Rebirthed myself again and again. Now I offer myself as a transformation guide to others. To assist them, support them and guide them through their own Rebirth. 

Rebirth Academy 

Go from questioning your worth to owning your rebirth. 


Are you ready to transform your life? 

Rebirth Academy is an 8 week intense, emotional, introspective, life changing transformation program.


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Discover Yourself

Reconnect to Yourself

Rebirth Yourself


“Self Discovery

is the meaning of life.” 


“Listening to myself inside

as been my best guide.”


“Take back your power.

and Own your energy.” 

She Is Enough 

I share my story in a collaborative book. You can purchase a copy on Amazon through the link below. 

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